25 years anniversary


Leander has grown up, but still thinks like a child

Leander is known and recognized for its children’s furniture, and after 25 years on the market, it is quite grown up. But when innovative products are designed and developed, the inspiration comes from the needs of babies and children.

The Leander company saw the light of day in 1998, when its founder, Stig Leander, heard that his sister-in-law was expecting twins. He imagined how demanding it must be, needing to manage two newborns at the same time.

He was inspired to design a cradle for his sister-in-law. It had to have the same qualities as the womb. The twins must feel safe, even when their mother was busy changing a nappy or breast feeding one of her babies. It should be a soft, warm, and secure universe. The result was the Leander Classic™ cradle, which soon lived up to its name.

The babies specific needs were the starting point for the famous cradle 25 years ago, and the philosophy has been the same to this day. Leander products are not just made to look good. They must make a positive difference in the daily lives of children and their parents.

Furniture must adapt to the child

Children moves. Even when they are asleep. That is why furniture from Leander is designed to follow with the child, or to give the child freedom to move and grow. The ambition is that the ergonomics and functionality of the furniture quite naturally help to stimulate the child’s senses, balance and motor coordination.

Leander is owned today by the Swedish Bare Collective Group, but Stig Leander still plays an important role as a designer. Since he designed the cradle for his sister-in-law from the child’s perspective, he has also thought out a changing mat (Matty™), a wall-mounted changing table (Wally™) and several other popular items of children's furniture.

Lasting for generations

“Our furniture comes with its own special DNA: carefully thought out, based on functionality and uncompromising in quality. It is designed to grow and follow the child and can be passed down from one generation to the next. Our furniture stands up to life, and for us, that is the essence of sustainability and timeless design,” says Michael Mendgaard-Holm, Managing Director at Leander.

He is proud to see that products from Leander have been used for four or five children and then passed down to new generations, who benefit from them just as much. This is also the reason why, the furniture items originally designed for Danish children and their parents were soon in demand among families with children all over the world.

Respect for good craftsmanship

The materials used for Leander furniture tell their own story. They are selected with great care, and must be durable, aesthetic, and functional.

“No matter which materials we are working with, we are always very conscious of quality and those little details that distinguish good craftsmanship. We are very particular about the materials we work with. Most of our furniture is made from or contains natural materials,” says Michael Mendgaard-Holm.

Special care is taken to avoid materials that can have a negative effect on children.

“It is important to us that the children’s furniture we design and develop will make a difference. Form, function, and safety must all come together harmoniously. The furniture must be adapted to the child, and never the other way round. That is why Leander is not simply a supplier of furniture.” Michael Mendgaard-Holm emphasizes that sensitivity and a clear approach to materials, form and function are a complete philosophy.

He is optimistic about the future, with more and more parents making decisions on their children’s behalf.

“It is a positive development that people are focusing on the world's resources and choosing products that will last for generations, and our philosophy fits perfectly with that,” he says.

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About Leander

Leander A/S is an international furniture manufacturer based in Silkeborg in Denmark. The company has a series of unique products and a strong design philosophy. Leander designs durable, timeless furniture for children. Furniture that can follow the child’s development and allow free, natural movement. Leander wish to make a difference to the daily lives of children and their parents. It’s in the company's DNA.

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