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* Bumper for Leander Classic™ baby cot, Cool grey

69.00 EUR

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(NOTE: “Dusty blue” and "Dark blue" will be discontinued – Sold with additional discount as long as stock is available).

Give your Leander Classic™ baby cot an even softer and cozier feeling with the Leander baby cot bumper. The soft cotton material protects your child from small bumps, cold drafts and external noise and stimuli. This creates a soothing atmosphere that will help your child fall asleep more easily.  

The strong canvas fabric is made of organic cotton and thanks to the airy fleece padding, the bed remains breathable. To ensure optimal sleep quality and a natural regulation of the temperature in the cot, the bumper covers only one half of the cot, as this ensures a stable flow of air. 

If you wish for the bumper to cover the entire bed, it is possible to attach two bumpers. The bumper is attached with ties and can be placed as needed. The base of the Leander Classic™ baby cot has two settings, and the bumper can be used with both settings.

The bumper is available in a range of beautiful colors that can easily be mixed and matched with other textiles from the Leander range. Each bumper comes in a matching bag with a tie-string closure which can be used as satchel for many practical purposes.

  • Creates a safe and comfortable sleeping environment making it easier for your child to fall asleep
  • Covers the slats in the rail section
  • Flexible and secure fastening with double-row tie straps
  • Breathable thanks to fleece padding, no foam
  • Can be used in all bed positions
  • Made of 100% organic cotton in strong canvas quality with a robust structure 
  • In 7 modern colours to match the sheets and bedding
  • Washable at 40 °C
Dimension: W: 29/36 cm, L: 158 cm
Material: 100% organic cotton. Filling: 100% polyester
Product weight: 0.66 kg
Warranty: 2 years
Maintenance: Wash at 40 °C
Item number: 214410-62
EAN: 5707770601394