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Leander A/S is an international furniture manufacturer based in Silkeborg in Denmark. The company has a series of unique products and a strong design philosophy. Leander designs durable, timeless furniture for children. Furniture that can follow the child’s development and allow free, natural movement. Leander wish to make a difference to the daily lives of children and their parents. It’s in the company's DNA.

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The story of Leander

The story of Leander started in 1998, when Stig Leander's sister-in-law was expecting twins. That sparked his thoughts. Would it be possible to design a cradle that could both calm and stimulate a child's development?

As a trained blacksmith, Stig had for a long time been involved in development of chairs, bicycles and prams. The idea was to create a simple, functional piece of furniture that would meet a real need. In this case, calm one of the twins while the other twin was fed.

Stig Leander saw something no one had seen before. He saw the vision of a cradle that could really do something new – in design and function.

Less than a year later, the first series of the now legendary Leander Classic ™ cradle was available in selected stores in Denmark. Today, Leander exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. Product development, administration and warehouse are in Leander’s head office in Silkeborg, Denmark. The production is placed at long-term cooperation partners in different parts of Europe.

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