Leander Matty™: Design award winner


With great pride we can publish that our changing mat, Matty, has won the prestigious German Design Award 2019 in the category ‘Baby and child care’ for its outstanding design quality. 

"Matty is outwardly a unique, useful and simple baby changing mat that is waterproof and requires no additional covers. The combination of a non-slide base and high sides appears a safe and versatile aid for parents anywhere it is needed."


 The Matty changing mat is designed by Leander's founder, Stig Leander. The idea has been to create a functional changing mat based on the child who is to lie on the pillow. The result is a changing mat that is soft to lie on and easy to clean for the adult.

“The changing time creates an important contact between the child and the adult. It is therefore important to have a surface that supports the togetherness. With Matty, diaper changes become more than just internships. It becomes a cozy moment where the child feels safe and comfortable. We are incredibly proud and honored to receive this award. When I started Leander in 1998, it was with a desire to create furniture that makes a positive difference for children and their

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