The Materials

Ever since the first furniture took shape in the workshop in Silkeborg, furniture manufacturing at Leander has been rooted in a deep respect for craftsmanship. And quality.

We select materials with the utmost care. They have to be durable, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Over the years we have established close working relationships with our suppliers. Our values are their values; we think quality and attention to detail into everything we do and make. Most of the furniture we make is produced using natural material.

Wood, leather and fabric are the three most frequently used materials in our furniture. We have gathered the most important information on how to maintain each of these three materials.




Most of the wood used for producing our furniture is made of wood from large sustainable forests.

We use primarily beechwood for our furniture. Beechwood is an ideal material for moulded furniture as it is strong, stable and flexible.

Furniture made from wood is painted with lacquer 2 or 3 times. The result is a simple and silky smooth surface that is both soft to the touch and nice to look at. We use only water-based lacquer in order to protect the environment. Water-based lacquer is just as wear-resistant as a chemical lacquer. And easy to wipe off and maintain. 

Tested and approved. Lacquer complies with the European standard EN71-3.

Wood is a organic material that needs proper care and maintenance. For daily maintenance, wash the woodwork with a damp cloth. Remember to remove surplus water. Please note that you may experience change in the color of the wood, if and when exposed to constant sunlight. 




We use leather for the strap on the Leander highchair safety bar.

The leather is made and produced using old craftsman traditions. All of our leather straps are handmade - a careful work of precision that requires many years of experience.

Leather does not demand much care. However, a little care is needed to achieve the best result. You can wipe off the highchair safety bar with a moist cloth. Remember to remove any surplus water. Now and then, leather should be cared with leather fat or the like.

When you start to use leather, it may seem quite tight. But as the leather is used, it will expand and natural folds will appear in the leather. This is not a flaw in the leather or quality, but a completely natural process. 




Leander textiles are designed to create a safe haven of smooth comfort for your child – in the cot, the high chair, and on the changing mat. All our new textiles are organic and soft and made from premium quality materials from Oeko-Tex 100 certified suppliers. In this way we ensure that the textile does not contain any substances that can harm your child.

We prioritise quality. Our textiles need to feel soft and delicious against the skin. They must have a strong quality that can withstand being used and washed over and over again - because let’s be honest, our perfect little ones can be pretty grubby. All textiles come in a range of contemporary colours, that will match the playful world of your child and suit your personal taste at the same time.

You find washing instructions for your Leander textiles on the product and in the instructions. 

To get the best feel of the materials and the surface treatment, visit you local Leander shop.