The image bank is a resource from Leander to you as official Leander dealer, publisher, designer, blogger or journalist. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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  • It’s easy and quick to find images – 24/7/365 - when it’s convenient for you
  • Get the newest images of all products
  • Find product- and image pictures in both high- and lowres, Leander logo, videos, SoMe posts and more
  • Easy download as zip-file.. Download as many files as you need all at once
  • See the size of each file before download 




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From here you can find: 

  • Folder structure - Images and videos are organized by series, product or type, e.g.: Web-images of Classic babybed is placed under LEANDER CLASSIC -> LOW-RES.

  • Download – You can download folders or individual files. Folders are downloaded as zip-files.


NOTE: If you want to download more than one file at a time you can select the wanted files in the circle to the left of the file name (appears when you hover over with the mouse)




  • Low-res and high-res – The Imagebank contains images of both high and low resolution. High-res images are suitable for print etc., low-res images are suitable for web (all low-res images are 1200x1200 px)

  • Quick menu – appears when you hover over a image or folder with the mouse. Choose between:
    - ”Preview”: See the image in full screen (only available with individual files).
    - ”Download”: Same function as the ”Download”-button in the menu bar.
    - ”Details”: See type, size etc. (only available with individual files).

  • Breadcrumb-trail – shows which folders you’ve gone through to get to the folder you’re currently at.


Tip! You can use the breakcrumb-trail to track back to a previous folder. Just click the folder name you wish to get back to.