The Leander furniture production has always been based on high-quality raw materials. To us the combination of a great idea, the right shape and the good materials defines the perfect design.

We care for children and their parents – but also for the environment. Therefore, we choose our materials with great attention. They must be aesthetic, functional, and durable. And when possible, we use natural materials.

Through the years, we have built long-term partnerships with our suppliers and manufacturers. We know the origin of our raw materials, has an efficient quality management system, and has a close contact with our suppliers.

Our furniture is made of wood from responsible forestry. Primarily, we use beech and oak for our furniture. Beech wood is ideal for molded furniture, as it is strong, stable, and flexible. Oak is strong and has a nice, natural structure. In addition, we use MDF and chipboard from certified suppliers.

All Leander furniture made from wood is lacquered 2-3 times. The result is a nice and silky-smooth surface that is both soft to touch, nice to look at and easy to maintain. The lacquer is tested and approved according to the European standard EN71-3.

Wood is an organic material that requires proper care and maintenance. For daily maintenance, you can wipe the woodwork with a damp cloth. Remember to wipe off excess water to avoid stains on the wood. Please note that change in the wood and discolorations may occur if the furniture is exposed to constant high humidity or direct sunlight.

We use leather for details, e.g for the strap on the Classic highchair's safety bar and the replaceable handles on dressers and wardrobes.

We only use skins from oxen/cattle of EU origin, in good and strong quality. The leather is produced according to European standards and norms - and the production meets the REACH requirements. The leather is vegetable tanned and free of chromium (chromium V) and the preservative PCP. Furthermore, no AZO dyes were used in the dyeing process.

When you start using the leather parts it may seem a bit hard and tight. After some time, the leather will expand, become softer, and natural folds will appear. To clean the leather, you can use a slightly damp cloth. Remember to wipe off any excess water to avoid permanent stains. Leather does not require much care but to maintain the quality we advise you to occasionally treat with leather grease or similar.

Our textiles are made of high-quality organic cotton from OEKO-TEX 100 certified suppliers. In this way we take responsibility for the environment and ensure that our textiles are free of harmful substances.

We use jersey fabric for our sheets, percale fabric for bed linen and light voile fabric for the canopy. These materials are soft and beautiful, and they only get more beautiful after they have been washed. For bumpers and highchair cushions, we use a strong canvas quality that has a nice, grainy structure. The canvas quality is easy to clean with a moist cloth but can also be machine washed.

The modern colors of the textiles can be combined in several ways and emphasize the characteristic expression of the individual furniture series.

The fabrics can be washed at 40 or 60 degrees Celsius. You can find care labels with instructions on all products. We recommend that you turn the inside out before washing to protect the fabric in the washing machine. Pull the material back into shape while it is slightly damp, and smooth out.

PUR foam is a new material in the baby industry, but it is a well-known material in the medicine- and care industry. PUR is a soft, liquid plastic material that is poured into a mold.

Our supplier of PUR foam complies with the European REACH guidelines regarding reduction of chemicals. The PUR foam is certified and meets all requirements of the EN 71-3: 2019 standard. Essentially, this means that the PUR foam does not contain any harmful or emollient substances.

The soft, matte surface of Matty changing mat is unique and the result of a long development process. The unique surface makes it possible to maintain a good hygiene, as it can be cleaned with water and mild soap and wiped with ethanol/alcohol. Please note that ethanol/alcohol in large quantities, must not be applied directly to the changing mat.

To get the best feel of the materials and the surface treatment, visit you local Leander shop.