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Mattress for Leander Classic™ Baby Cot, Natural

249.00 EUR

The Leander Natural mattress is adjusted to the Classic™ baby cot. The mattress, that is made from organic materials, is a comfortable, 2-sided, twist mattress adjusted to baby and toddler. The mattress has a breathable layer of 100% pure and natural (organic) latex, which creates a supple and comfy support that is chemical-free and extremely durable.

The core of the mattress is made of coconut coir; The natural, organic core acts like thousands of tiny springs that reduce pressure points and provides an evenly sprung support and great comfort. The core of the mattress also consists of natural (organic) fleece wool, which is anti-allergy and highly breathable. 

Each layer of wool helps regulate your child's body temperature whilst dispersing any moisture to ensure the mattress stays clean and fresh. The non-removable mattress cover is made from natural, organic cotton that holds everything in place and aids the breathability of the mattress.

  • Recommended use 0-7 years
  • Ensures optimal sleeping comfort and ventilation
  • Suitable for children with allergies
  • Two sides with different hardness, for optimal adjustment to the weight of the child
  • Coconut coir reduces pressure points and provides an evenly sprung support
  • Mattress cover with integrated wetness protection
Dimension: L: 116 cm, W: 66 cm
Material: Cotton / Wool / Coconut fiber / Latex
Product weight: 5,6 kg
Warranty: 2 years
Maintenance: Wipe with a slightly damp cloth and let air dry
Item number: 210813
EAN: 5707770355020