The design winner Matty™ changing mat


Changing mat: The design winner with focus on hygiene and close contact

Parents all over the world are choosing the Leander Matty™ changing mat, because it is a comfortable base where changing time is cosy. When you touch the changing mat, it feels like the softest skin. And a damp cloth with a little soap or alcohol is all you need to clean it.

In Matty, the traditional fabric changing mat, known for generations, has been completely rethought. All parents know the situation when the changing mat is suddenly wet or dirty, and the cover needs to go in the washing machine. It disrupts the happy moment with the baby.

“The design of Matty takes these little everyday accidents into account. The changing mat is made of soft PUR foam, so for the baby lying on the mat it feels like skin-to-skin contact. It is hygienic, too, because it can simply be wiped with a damp cloth and a little mild soap or alcohol,” explains Stig Leander. He is the designer responsible for the special changing mat from the widely known and recognized Leander furniture manufacturers.

The design he has created stands out from the rest. Matty is simple and functional, so you have a timeless and durable changing mat that can be passed down to younger siblings or other children.

The Matty changing mat won the German Design Award in 2019 for unique and innovative design, and since then 280,000 changing mats have been sold in 30 countries. It is available in six colours: Cappuccino, Sage green, Pearl grey, Wood rose, Blueberry, and now also in the new anniversary colour, Mocca.

It has to function in everyday life

For Leander, a top priority is to develop products that make everyday changing time easier for parents and children. The Matty changing mat has high edges and non-slip feet, to make sure the child lying on the mat is safe and comfortable. Even a child who wriggles.

There is a laminated board in the base of the changing mat to keep the mat stable, and that means you can take the mat anywhere. It can be placed safely and firmly on a chest of drawers, a table or the floor – at home or out on a visit.

It is also water-repellent, so water will not soak in, for example when the child has just had a bath.

“The materials must not only make a practical changing mat for daily use. It is made of certified PUR foam without plasticizers. It is tested and certified in accordance with European standards for child safety and dangerous substances. In addition, Matty has received the recognized TÜV SÜD safety certification,” says Michael Mendgaard-Holm, Managing Director at Leander.

He continues: “Matty combines functionality, form and design in a completely new way, and quite simply makes the changing area better and more cosy for nappychanging your child every day.”

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About Leander

Leander A/S is an international furniture manufacturer based in Silkeborg in Denmark. The company has a series of unique products and a strong design philosophy. Leander designs durable, timeless furniture for children. Furniture that can follow the child’s development and allow free, natural movement. Leander wish to make a difference to the daily lives of children and their parents. It’s in the company's DNA.

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