Wally™ the wall-mounted changing table


Wall-mounted changing table plays a big role in a small space

The changing area must be cosy and practical in everyday use. And in many small homes, it is simply a requirement that the changing table does not take up much space and can easily be packed away. Precisely these needs are met by Wally™, wall-mounted changing table from Leander.

At Leander, the widely-known and recognized furniture manufacturer, Stig Leander is the designer who created the Wally wall-mounted changing table.

"The starting point for designing furniture from Leander is to solve everyday challenges for parents and their children. When I designed Wally, I asked myself what an optionally functioning changing table should look like, to make changing safe and cosy. At the same time, storage would be needed, but it should not take up a lot of space, either in use or afterwards. The changing area has to fulfil a major role in the family – even when there is not much space. Besides all that, it must be clean-cut and stylish,” says Stig Leander.

It all added up in the Wally changing table, which received the prestigious German Design Award in 2021. The design of Wally combines form and function to make the everyday changing situation convenient.

Regardless of how much space there is for the changing table, it is handy when it is compact and can be folded away after use. In small bathrooms in flats, or in cafés and petrol stations it is a requirement that the changing area must take up a minimum of space.

Light as a drop – and easy to operate

The wall-mounted Wally changing table was inspired by a drop, and it is easy to imagine it gently hovering. The changing table is easy to pull down with one hand as you hold the child with the other arm, and it is just as easy to push it up again.

Soft, practical material

The changing table is made of soft material that is pleasant to touch. The surface adapts to the temperature in the room. The material is hygienic, water-repellent PUR. It is easy to wipe the cushion with a cloth and a little soap and alcohol when it needs cleaning.

Cream, body suits and nappies are always handy: there are organizers to store eve-rything you need.

“We can see that Wally is drawing a lot of interest, simply because it is innovative in its design, functionality, quality and materials. Everyone knows how important the changing table is – even if space is limited,” says Michael Mendgaard-Holm, Managing Director at Leander.

He expects Wally to have great market potential, because it is a changing table for family houses and flats where children live, but also for places such as restaurants, swimming baths and airports. Parents round the world have the same basic needs and wishes when it comes to a practical, well-thought-out changing solution.

Wally is available in two colours: Dusty grey and Cappuccino.

For more information, logo and images, please contact: marketing@leander.com

About Leander

Leander A/S is an international furniture manufacturer based in Silkeborg in Denmark. The company has a series of unique products and a strong design philosophy. Leander designs durable, timeless furniture for children. Furniture that can follow the child’s development and allow free, natural movement. Leander wish to make a difference to the daily lives of children and their parents. It’s in the company's DNA.

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